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Tuition Breaks For Adjuncts

by Mary Jean Bujdos

I have been an adjunct professor of Italian Language since 1987!  As a mother of four it was my best option.  Now that 2 are in college I am looking at tuition perks since I have been teaching at my current university since 2007.  I would love to know if anyone has ever submitted a proposal of this type to a university. There is currently NOTHING in place, but there are actually tuition perks for part-time staff!

Thanks for your interest.

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6 thoughts on “Tuition Breaks For Adjuncts

  1. Illinois currently has had a 50% tuition waiver since the 1980’s (?) for children of full-time, currently-employed faculty in the Illinois State University system. It doesn’t matter if the faculty member is tenure/tennure track, or contingent faculty. Of course, legislators are trying to take it away, most recently in spring 2012, but so far have been unsuccessful. Employees’ children are eligible for the waiver until they turn 24.

  2. This is indeed a perk in Illinois, and as I understand it, it applies to anyone at 75%+ regardless of tenure/NTT status. I haven’t yet taken the State up on it, but with kids 15 and 12 it’s a primary reason for staying where I am. As Nancy says, there are legislators who would love to roll it back, but so far, so good.

  3. My situation is different, but perhaps will give you some ideas. I am part of a cohort at a private university and receive a break on the tuition at a greatly reduced cost – the agreement was drafted between the college where I’m an adjunct and the University – I just got lucky because they needed at least 30 instructors to participate to get the program underway. It was our college president that is an alumi of the university so you may find a connection between one of your administrators and a local university, private or otherwise, that would like to set up a similar system. They are all the range down here in SW FL for Education programs – not sure about other areas. Good luck!

  4. I teach 4 classes each semester for Austin Community College. We do not have any tuitution benefits that extend to family, but faculty can take up to three tuition waived classes themselves. This applies to both full time and adjunct faculty.

  5. Thanks for your feedback on tuition perks. They will help me as I compose a request for an adjunct initiative!

  6. I hope this is not too late. I taught at a university that give tuition waivers to adjunct faculty. They started at 25% and went to 50%. In the past, they extended to 100% for night classes, but were rolled back twice. My son went to this university and at the time received the 25% “discount.” He also had two scholarships. All of this together represented half of the tuition. He could have gone to a state univeristy for half of the remaining tuition. So the benefit was of dubious value. EXCEPT that this program was the best in the country for this particular field. So, it worked out well in the end because the job he secured paid well and helped to pay the student loans. But in some fields, it would not make any difference in the long run or could even be detrimental.

    Although I have a doctoral degree, I was interested in earning another master’s and looked at my then 50% waiver. I found that I could earn the same degree at equally prestigious U.S. state or Canadian provincial institutions for less even without any financial assistance.

    I worked at a liberal arts college that also offered a tuition waiver. It was limited to earning a first undergraduate degree. This obviously would have been of very limited value to a faculty member (but would work for her or his child). It would have been a benefit for a staff member who had only a high school education or an associate degree.

    In other words, a tuition waiver could be worthwhile, but that is not always the case.

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