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The Adjunct Project is by adjuncts, for adjuncts.  


Wondering how to navigate the adjunct life? See this sampling of advice columns from The Chronicle

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of Higher Education below.

Questions About Online Adjunct Teaching

by Britt

I am trying to get a sense of the weekly time commitment for online adjunct teaching positions. I realize that this probably varies

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Here I'm a “Member,” Not an Adjunct

By Emma Thornton

Mid-December marked the end of my first term of teaching full time in Britain. It's been three months of adjustments, shocks, disappointments, and reconsiderations—but no regrets.

The first change I had to get used

We're Not Your Colleagues

By Deborah Foreman

After working in higher education for 23 years, first as a faculty member and then as an administrator, I retired a year ago. I loved my administrative life but found I didn't miss


Finding Work

An Adjunct's View

By Susan de la Vergne

The more I teach, the better I like it. I look forward to the start of class, I'm energized by my discussions with students, and—I know this is going to sound

The Silence of the Grads

By Steve Street I wore red to class on April 30, in honor of the first New Faculty Majority Day called by the National Coalition for Adjunct and Contingent Equity. I had on my red T-shirt

Academe's House Rules

By Steve Street In a report on part-time faculty members issued by the American Federation of Teachers in March, one paragraph opens with a stunning line: Adjuncts, it reads, "have varying degrees of seniority at the

A Look at ‘How the University Works’

By Thomas H. Benton Marc Bousquet's How the University Works should be required reading for anyone with an interest in the future of higher education, including administrators, faculty members, graduate students, and -- even more significantly

From Adjunct to Assistant

By Gerardo Marti

It can be difficult for an adjunct to secure a tenure-track job, but I am proof that it can be done. And the feeling of having a steady position, free from the hustling

The Advice Nobody Likes

By Rob Jenkins

Question (from "Betsy"): I am an adjunct at about half a dozen places, including a community college. Altogether, I have over eight years of part-time teaching experience. I am applying at any and

Why Adjuncts Have an Edge (Except When They Don't)


Do community colleges prefer, or resist, hiring their own part-time instructors for full-time jobs?

Every hiring season, I'm sure to hear from representatives of two groups: those who believe the search process at community

An Adjunct Bill of Rights

By Keith Hoeller

Academic freedom has been pushed to the front burner in higher education. Since September 11, amid concerns about national unity and security, state lawmakers and college administrators have taken to criticizing professors for

Your Official Job Application Checklist

By David D. Perlmutter

For the novice, the logistical challenges of an academic job search can be exasperating, especially when dozens of applications are involved. Getting things right (providing the correct materials, from CV to sample

Your Unofficial Job-Application Checklist

By David D. Perlmutter

A month ago, I wrote about the "official" materials you submit for a tenure-track academic hire, like a statement of your teaching philosophy and a list of references. But in the

Dodgy Definitions of Merit

By Steve Street

Just into fall semester I lost my breath. As it turned out, a melanoma I'd undergone treatment for 12 years ago has shown up again, primarily in my lungs. For a long-term adjunct,

Deleting A History: From Resume to CV

By Jessica McCaughey

My résumé is getting shorter. Like a participant in the witness-protection program, I am trying to delete much of my history, but instead of dangerous, my employment in the past decade has simply

10 Ways to Get Yourself Fired

By Dylan Pomerantz

Being a contingent employee is never a secure gig. Whether you are an adjunct making peanuts or a corporate consultant making $200 an hour, your employment is at-will and terminable for the slightest

The 'Special Needs' of Adjuncts

By Graham Bennett

Every morning I sit down at my computer, fresh cup of coffee in one hand, untoasted strawberry Pop-Tart in the other, and read through my e-mail. Included among the junk are the multiple

My Foray Into Adjunct Life

By Ian Houlihan

"Are we on for tonight?" the department chairman asked, as he popped his head through the door. It was the first time all semester that I had had students take advantage of my

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